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Kinsey Events - a.k.a. "The Warehouse"

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Hello, I'm Whitney, the owner of the Kinsey Events Warehouse. 

The Kinsey Events Warehouse is one of most unique event venues in the Pittsburgh area.  It provides a one-of-a-kind refined industrial setting for your celebration.  The Kinsey Warehouse celebrates the timeless roots that are embedded in the Pittsburgh and tri-state region. 


The warehouse lends itself to so many opportunities for events.  We have hosted vintage markets, birthday parties, wedding receptions, motorcycle parts swaps, anniversaries, holiday parties, and more.  With a capacity of over 600 people and multiple spaces, we can cater to the intimate gatherings of just a few people to much larger events, like a 300 person wedding reception or even a local motorcycle magazine photoshoot.  We look forward to many years of weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, corporate events, and more! 

We have a couple of fun claims to fame too! Our warehouse was featured on HGTV's 'Home Again with the Fords' with Leanne Ford and Steve Ford. Leanne was even a vendor at the Kinsey Vintage Market in November of 2020 where she sold some of the inventory that she had purchased for her TV show on HGTV!  The warehouse was also chosen by and had the honor of being the site for an American Eagle summer photo shoot that was used in every AE around the country in the stores and their website!


Our first event, that we now host two times per year, is the Kinsey Vintage Market.  We host 50+ antique, vintage, and artisan vendors from all over the tri-state area to provide the best, most unique shopping experience for our customers. The vendors curate their spaces so it seems as though you are walking into individual beautiful boutiques. 


With all of our events, we incorporate some type of community outreach component to benefit a local organization.  The Western Allegheny Food Pantry is a great and very rewarding organization to donate to. Coming into our 7th year doing this, we have donated thousands of pounds of food to the food pantry.  Customers donate food for different reasons.  Some customers just bring a can of food for the discount they receive on their admission fee.  Others bring bags full of unopened cases of food.  It warms my heart to see how much our customers donate. We have also benefitted toys for tots, Boy Scouts, Bridge to Home animal rescue, The Kitten Scoop, Light of Life, and more.  

The Kinsey Electric Building

In July of 1969, David Kinsey and his father purchased Moorhead Electrical Machinery Corporation a 1930's industrial warehouse. He operated the business as president of Kinsey Electric, Inc. in Oakdale, PA.  Our warehouse has experienced the rise and fall as an independently owned large electric component manufacturing company which served countless businesses in the area.  


Business dwindled as coal mines and steel mills went away and left a vacant warehouse awaiting its next owner.  Walking in you can almost place yourself in that business as you look around and see the large 20 ton crane overhead to the smaller 3-5 ton chain hoists and steel beams.  There was even a walk-in oven where resins were baked in the large electrical components.  From the moment I walked in, all I could think of was the potential this nearly 100-year-old industrial, rusty, crusty, filthy warehouse held.  I had driven past this building hundreds of times over the years. The mystery of what went on inside and my desire to find a spot for an antique market finally led me to investigate the Kinsey Electric building further. 

The now, Kinsey Events will host memorable events and the best antique dealers in the tri-state area during Kinsey Vintage Market inside our old abandoned warehouse that used to house the makings of all types of motors and other electrical components.

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